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Google+ – An Intranet Solution for Small Businesses

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One of the great things about using Google Apps for Work is that it gives you the tools to use their social media platform, Google+, as an intranet.

We recently made the jump to using Google+ as our intranet in a company of 70 employees.

How does Google+ work as an intranet?

If you use Google Mail for your email you will also have the option of creating a Google+ profile. This profile is easily accessible when logged into the Chrome browser making it very convenient for people to access as an intranet.

Here’s where the cool part comes… you can lock down Google’s social media platform so posts shared by people with the company’s email domain are only visible to to those people within your organisation! – Very exciting I know!

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Facebook Advertising: Lookalike Audiences

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It still surprises me how few people know about this targeting option within Facebook ads manger, yet for me it is one of the most effective ways to target Facebook users.

What is a lookalike audience? 

A lookalike audience is an audience that is similar in interests and demographics to your current audience / customers / website visitors / email list, whoever it is that is most important to you. Creating a lookalike audience takes away the guess work that can occur when targeting generic ‘interests’ (which is the most common targeting method with Facebook advertisers). The problem with targeting generic interests of your customers is that it is likely that every other advertiser is doing the same thing (so a lot of the interest categories are going to be highly competitive and not very effective).

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Twitter Growth Hack using Developer Tools for Chrome


I discovered a great little Twitter growth hack the other day. It involves ‘developer tools for Chrome’ and a little bit of code. By adding a snipet of code in to dev tools you can follow a large amount of Twitter accounts in just a few seconds.

Before I explain how this can be done let’s look at why you would want to do this.

  1. It a great way to increase your followers fast due to the if you follow me I will follow you back etiquette.
  2. You can quickly and easily follow other account’s followers, such as your competitor’s followers or other influencers in your industry.
  3. It’s a great time saver as it allows you to follow a large number of accounts in just a few seconds.

N.B. Try this Twitter growth hack at your own risk and be aware of Twitter’s rules beforehand.

Twitter Growth Hack

So first you need to go to Twitter and click on the followers of the account’s followers you want to follow. Still with me? 😉

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How to use WhatsApp as a Business Communication Tool


WhatsApp has been getting a lot of media attention since Facebook bought the instant messaging service for $19billion last year, but something which may have been missed is how valuable the app can be used as a business communication tool.

The numbers speak for themselves: WhatsApp now has half a billion regular active users. No wonder the corporate world is interested.

WhatsApp does have limitations though. For example, groups are capped at 100 people – which is obviously restricting for a lot of businesses. Something which is probably intentional…

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