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How to increase your engagement levels on Google+

increase your google+ engagement

When ‘followers’ are talked about on Google+ the term circles is used. Lets define what circles are before we start.

What are circles on Google+

A circle is a group of people you are following.

You can have as many circles as you want

Circles are similar to Twitter lists. It’s a way of organising the people you follow

You can give your circles different names (it’s entirely up to you how you organise them)

People will not know what circle you have put them in. This is private.

People can add you to their circles however you will not know what the circle is called. All you will know is that you have been added to their circles.

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‘Why Isn’t My Google Authorship Working?’

why isn't my google authorship working?

I love Google+ (a lot more than most people) so when my Google authorship stopped working I took it a little more personally than most people too. I couldn’t for the life of me work out what happened, it had been working fine for agers then when I checked it one day on (a site I had been recommended to check whether authorship was working) I saw the dreaded result – ‘authorship not found’. What really annoyed me was (because I work in the digital marketing industry) I had also set up Google authorship for a number of other people and theirs all worked! Everyone of them apart from mine.

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How to Retrieve your Original Google+ URL

how to personalise your google+ url

If you have personalised your Google+ URL and want to retrieve your original one to get your ID number all you have to do is:

  1. Right click on any of your Google+ posts
  2. Copy and paste the ‘link address’

This link is your original Google+ URL before you personalised it. It will look something like this:


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