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Facebook Advertising: Lookalike Audiences

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It still surprises me how few people know about this targeting option within Facebook ads manger, yet for me it is one of the most effective ways to target Facebook users.

What is a lookalike audience? 

A lookalike audience is an audience that is similar in interests and demographics to your current audience / customers / website visitors / email list, whoever it is that is most important to you. Creating a lookalike audience takes away the guess work that can occur when targeting generic ‘interests’ (which is the most common targeting method with Facebook advertisers). The problem with targeting generic interests of your customers is that it is likely that every other advertiser is doing the same thing (so a lot of the interest categories are going to be highly competitive and not very effective).

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How to Run a Facebook Competition – Everything You Need to Know (Video)

Running Facebook competitions is a great way to engage your community and grow your fan base however so many people are nervous about running them incase they flop. Does the idea of running a Facebook competition scare you? If so you should check out this Google Hangout below. I cover everything you need to know about running a Facebook contest.

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