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12 Life-Changing, Time-Saving, Digital Marketing Chrome Extensions


Are you one of those people who often finds themselves short of time, no matter what you do? Yes? Then you will love this list.

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My Top 5 Favourite Chrome Extensions for Social Media Management

social media chrome extensions

So I will start off with some facts about myself:

1. I love saving time

2. I love lifehacks

This is why I LOVE Chrome extensions! They are so handy and can really save you so much time when you’re surfing the web and doing the things that you need to do on a daily basis (in my case managing multiple social media accounts.) I personally believe these extensions are so under-rated! Everyone needs to know about these and how they can help them (especially when managing social media accounts).

There are a few extensions that stand out from the crowd. These act like life jackets, preventing me from drowning in the sea of content which is just getting deeper and deeper and deeper…
*Cough* ANYWAY

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